How to Change the Font Size on Your iPhone

Finding the text hard to read on your iPhone? This guide will help you out!
Michael Michael (179)

Let's face it. We're not getting any younger. Those small font sizes on our iPhones that we used to have no trouble reading might now cause our eyes to strain unnecessarily.

I had that issue recently and found that just raising my iPhone's default font size by one notch solved the issue.

iPhoneiPhone ×1

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Arrow to iPhone Settings

Find and select your iPhone "Settings" app.

Arrow to iPhone Accessibility

Scroll down and select "Accessibility."

Arrow to iPhone Display & Text Size

Find and select "Display & Text Size."

Arrow to iPhone Larger Text

To expand your font size options, you must first turn on" Larger Text."

iPhone Larger Accessibility Sizes

Switching on "Larger Accessibility Sizes" will give you a greater range of font size options from which to choose.

iPhone Font Size Scroll

Use the scroll at the bottom of the screen to select the appropriate font size for your iPhone's text.

You should see the font size above change simultaneously with your selection.

Remove your iPhone's SIM card easily!
1 minute

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