How to Change the Font on Your iPhone

Because we all need to change things up from time to time in our digital conversations!
Michael Michael (179)
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Maybe you're getting tired of seeing the same font in your iPhone messenger, or maybe your looking to change the font on your iPhone to something that feels more you.

Either way, with just one third-party app, you can have a whole range of fonts at your disposal on your iPhone.

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The guys over at Payette Forward have made a great video walking you through the various steps needed to start using new fonts on your iPhone. So I decided to pay it forward and give them a link here.

Watch the video:

I'll include the steps below, however, in case you'd prefer to follow along here with us.

Facemoji keyboard app search result

Search for "Facemoji Keyboard," and it should appear as the top search result. Download the app.

Arrow to iPhone Settings

The app will actually prompt you to do this when it first opens.

Either way, you'll have to go to your iPhone's settings.

Arrow to iPhone General Settings

Scroll down to find and select your iPhone's "General" settings.

Arrow to iPhone Keyboard

Scroll down again and select "Keyboard."

Arrow to iPhone "Keyboards"

At the top of the screen, select "Keyboards."

Arrow to iPhone Add New Keyboard

Select "Add New Keyboard" at the bottom of the list.

Arrow to Facemoji third-party keyboard

Once you select the "Facemoji" keyboard, you should see it in your list of available of keyboards.

You're now ready to try it out!

Arrow to iPhone Messenger

Open your iPhone Messenger app and start a new message.

Arrow to iPhone Globe Icon

When you select the globe icon at the bottom left hand side of the screen, you can switch between the Facemoji keyboard and any other keyboards you might have installed on your iPhone.

Make sure the Facemoji keyboard is selected.

Arrow to Facemoji Font Selection

Facemoji will try to get you to give it full access to your information or buy its premium version. (What app doesn't do this!) You DO NOT have to grant it access or buy the premium version. There are many free fonts that will be available without paying a premium fee.

You'll see a gray bar above your keyboard. Scroll left and right to find and select the font you want to try out!

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