How to Block or Enable Cookies on Your iPhone

No more cookies for me!
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Cookies really get a bad rep, but what are cookies and what do they do on your Apple devices, or all devices for that matter?

Well, cookies vary. There are three different types of cookies, but for the context of this guide, we are focusing mainly on temporary cookies. Cookies are basically just files that contain very small amounts of data on your device. That data is put there by a website, and though that sounds scary, it's for pretty practical reasons. Cookies are not harmful, they are there so that the websites you visit are able to remember you as a user. The only harm done by cookies is that some of them tend to add up over time, taking up valuable storage space on your device.

Before blocking cookies it's important to know that some websites aren't fully functional without the use of cookies. Some work great and you notice little to no change when visiting that site, but this varies. So keep this in mind going forward.

In this guide, I show you how to block or disable the blocking of cookies. So, if you want to block cookies, this guide has you covered, if you don't and want to enable the use of cookies on your device again, this guide still has you covered! Let's get started!

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Open Settings

First, go to the home screen on your iPhone and search for the Settings app. Then, when you find it, give it a click. It can often be found in the utilities folder.

Click Safari

Next, scroll down a bit until you find "Safari." Then, click "Safari."

Disable Cookies

Now, scroll down a bit until you see "block all cookies." You will notice a toggle to the right of "block all cookies." If the toggle is not green, it is off, and cookies can be downloaded onto your device. If it is on, and green, cookies are disabled.

To disable all cookies try the steps below:

  1. Click the toggle to the right of "block all cookies."
  2. When you click it a pop-up will alert you of the risks and need-to-know information.
  3. Click "block all."

Cookies are now blocked on your iPhone! Note that the performance of websites may change and some websites may not open. All existing cookies should be removed from the device.

Disable Cookies
Enable Cookies

Have you noticed you cannot visit your favorite websites on your iPhone or that those sites aren't fully functional after blocking all cookies? If so, consider enabling cookies again. To do this, click the toggle (it will be green indicating cookies are blocked).

Voila! The toggle will no longer be green, and you are good to visit your favorite sites again!

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