How to Record a FaceTime Call on an iPhone

Record your FaceTime call, video and all!
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Recording calls often involves downloading a third-party app, spending unnecessary money, and can be a bit of a hassle if you've never done it before and don't know where to start. Recording FaceTime video calls, however, is a totally different story and only takes seconds to set up before starting your call.

Whether you are recording due to an e-interview, to memorialize a priceless moment, or for legal purposes, this process is extremely easy and even uses a feature built into your iPhone's iOS: screen recording. Because you can turn on microphone recording for when you screen record, you can capture both audio and video on your FaceTime call.

Note: In many states and countries it is illegal to record someone without notifying and getting permission from them. Everyone has privacy rights. Please check your local laws regarding call and video recording and do not record people without their lawful permission. Doing so may violate the person's rights and get you into legal trouble.

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Open the Control Center

To get started, open your control center. This is where the screen recording feature is.

If you are using an iPhone with Touch ID, you will swipe up from the lower right-hand corner. If you are using an iPhone with Face ID, you will swipe down from the upper right-hand corner.

Press and Hold the Screen Recording Button

Press and hold the screen recording button in order to bring up the microphone option. If the microphone recording is off, it will say microphone off. If the microphone recording is on, it will say microphone on and the icon will be red.

Click the Microphone Icon

If the microphone recording is not on, click the microphone icon to turn it on. When the icon is red, the microphone recording is on and you can click on the screen to get back to the control center.

Click the Screen Recording Button

Click the screen recording button to start recording. It will count to three before the recording begins.

Start Your FaceTime Call

Start your FaceTime video call as normal. The call will continue recording. You will be able to tell by the red icon in the upper left-hand corner. There is no screen recording limit, however, you may be limited based on the amount of storage available on your device in comparison with the size of the video.

Stop Screen Recording

To stop recording the FaceTime video call, click the red icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Then click "stop" to stop the recording process. By default, the recording is usually saved to the Photos app like any other video.

Done! You have recorded a FaceTime video call and you didn't need any fancy, expensive third-party app to get it done.

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There are many reasons to want to record a call, be it to capture a special, priceless moment, for legal reasons, or business purposes.