How to Reset Your Home Screen Layout on an iPhone

Reset your iPhone home screen in seconds!
1 minute

Sometimes, when dealing with reorganizing a messy home screen, trying to track down missing but downloaded apps, or dealing with iOS, home screen issues, it can be difficult to find a practical solution. Oftentimes, restoring your iPhone can be the resolution offered for missing but downloaded apps or home screen issues, but that can be time consuming and ineffective.

Alternatively, resetting your home screen to factory defaults can make reorganizing your home screen easier. If an app is missing, but you've redownloaded it or it is already downloaded from the app store, resettings your home screen layout is sure to resolve it as long as the app is not hidden. It also only takes mere seconds to reset your home screen layout!

In this guide, I show you how to reset your home screen layout to factory default right within the Settings app.

Keep in mind that this reset will reset the home screen layout back to factory defult and should only be done if necessary. If the reorganization of your home screen is insurmountable, you are missing apps from your home screen that have been downloaded, or you are experiencing an issue with your home screen that cannot be resolved otherwise, this is a great option.

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Open Settings

First, go to your home screen and open the Settings app.

Click "General"

Click "general" to get to general settings.

Click "Reset"

Now, scroll down toward the bottom of the screen. Then, click "reset."

Click "Reset Home Screen Layout"

Finally, click "reset home screen layout."

Confirm the Reset

Lastly, click "reset home screen" again to confirm the rest.

That's it. The home screen layout on your iPhone has been reset!