How to Quickly Turn Off a VPN on Your iPhone

Because you've been getting too many Captcha stops?
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Using a VPN on an iPhone can cause you to get constant Captcha stops when trying to browse on your mobile browser. Or maybe you're experiencing the slow down that some VPNs can cause.

Whatever your reason for wanting to turn off a VPN on your iPhone, we'll walk you through it!

Note: turn off your VPN on your Mac as well, for a boost of speed.

A speedy VPN

We recommend you try NordVPN for a speedy mobile VPN that you will never need to disable for reasons of speed or website blockages. Check out our NordVPN review to learn why we love it!

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iPhone Settings

Find your iPhone's "Settings" and select it.

VPN Status iPhone

Click VPN.

On all iPhones since the iOS14 update, there will be a "VPN" icon directly under "Cellular." Apple updated their iOS to integrate more directly with VPNs like NordVPN.

Use the toggle to turn your VPN to Not Connected.

And your VPN will remain off on your iPhone until you toggle it back.

Need to disconnect a VPN on your Mac?

Check out our guide on how to disconnect a VPN on your Mac in less than a minute!

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