How to Create Multiple Desktops on a Mac

Organize your Mac with multiple desktops.
1 minute

If you're a student or use your Mac for work, then you know what it's like to have multiple windows or apps open at a time, and how messy that can sometimes make your Mac desktop. Having multiple tabs open in Safari and trying to view content from several windows at the same time, and often on a smaller screen for us MacBook owners, can be tricky.

That's why I have multiple desktops on my Mac. Yes, your macOS allows you to create multiple desktops that you can easily shuffle through in order to get from screen to screen, window to window, app to app, and/or project to project. And, with the help of this guide, you can do it in under a minute!

When you're done creating multiple desktops on your Mac, learn how to really go all out and organize your Mac desktop.

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Go to your Desktop

First, go to your Mac desktop.

Press Control + the Up Arrow

Now, press the control key on the left side of your keyboard (ctrl ^) and the up arrow on the right side of your keyboard (^) at the same time.

You'll see a drop-down bar appear at the top of your Mac screen.

Select "+"

Now, click the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner (+).

Repeat Until Done

Continue clicking the plus sign (+) until you have the desired amount of desktops on your Mac.

Then, when you are done, click anywhere on the screen, so that you can start using your desktops. And, once you have multiple desktops, learn how to shuffle between multiple desktops on a Mac.

Quickly shuffle from desktop to desktop.
1 minute

I am a busy person, and I use my Mac every day, so organizing my Mac is not just important, but essential to my sanity.