How to Set up Automatic Updates on Your Mac

Let your Mac update for you!
2 minutes

Updating your MacOS can be extremely time-consuming. While it's not necessarily difficult, not every Mac user has the time to keep their Mac up-to-date. When your Mac isn't up-to-date, you run the risk of not being able to download apps or dealing with other compatibility issues that could interrupt your productivity.

By keeping your Mac up to date, you also ensure that iCloud and other syncing features stay fully functional, which prevents data loss and enables you to use your many Apple devices fluidly.

Since updating your MacOS takes significant time out of your day, consider setting up automatic updates by following the steps below!

Note: Turning on automatic updates does not mean that every update or upgrade will be automatic. Some major updates that include security changes or significant MacOS upgrades may still require some involvement.

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Click the Apple Logo

First, click the Apple Logo.

Select System Preferences

Next, select "System Preferences."

Click "Software Update"

Click on "Software Update."

Check the Automatic Update Box

Now, check the box next to "Automatically keep my Mac up to date."

Check the Automatic Update Box

Lastly, enter your password or use Touch ID.

Next time there is an update, your Mac will automatically update for you!

See if your battery needs to be replaced.
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