How to Instantly Show and Hide the Dock on Mac

No more delay!
Zach Zach (249)
1 minute

This guide shows you how to modify the dock such that it will hide or show the instant you roll over it, rather than the annoying default delay.

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If you haven't already, enable autohide. Navigate to System Preferences > Dock and select the Automatically hide and show the Dock option.

Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

Paste the following command and press enter:

defaults write autohide-delay -float 0; killall Dock

Note: In MacOS Mojave and later, you might need to use this command instead:

defaults write autohide-delay -float 0.0001; killall Dock

Paste the following command and press enter:

defaults delete autohide-delay; killall Dock
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