How To Craft a Recovery Compass in Minecraft

Find your way back to death!
Britt Britt (157)
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With the Wild Update, game version 1.19, new items and blocks were added to Minecraft and the recovery compass was one of them! What does it do? Read here to find out.

The recovery compass won’t be easy to make, mainly because of one type of item in the recipe. Follow along on how to craft a recovery compass in Minecraft, version 1.19.

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craft compass recipe

Obviously, the recovery compass will require a compass. You’ll need 4 iron ingots and 1 redstone dust, copy the recipe shown above.

ancient city echo shard minecraft 1.19 wild update

This is the trickier item in the recipe, and you’ll need eight. Echo shards are found only in ancient cities, which spawn in the deep dark biome. You’ll have to travel down to deepslate level to find one.

Once you do find an ancient city, check all chests within it. There’s a 29.8% chance that 1-3 echo shards will be within a chest, in both Bedrock and Java editions.

recovery compass recipe minecraft 1.19 wild update

Once you have the compass and eight echo shards, follow the recipe above!

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