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How To Find a Lush Cave in Minecraft

One of two new cave biomes to explore!
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November 27, 2023
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Minecraft is an epic sandbox video game developed by Swedish game developer Mojang Studios.
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One of the best features of the Caves & Cliffs: Part 2 update are the lush caves. Upon entering one of these beautiful caves, players feel like they’ve entered a fantasy world (still filled with mobs, of course). However, how do we know we’ve found a lush cave? Is there a way to find them easily? Let’s explore that!

1 – What Do Lush Caves Look Like?

Can you spot the axolotls?

A lush cave is a temperate cave biome in the Overworld. It’s uncommon to find, but when you do, they’re generally quite expansive. They generate at any height underground, more commonly in forested biomes.

Floors and ceilings are covered with moss and ores, along with moss carpets, grass, and azalea bushes. On the ceiling, vines and cave vines with glow berries grow down to light up the caves, while spore blossoms grow from the ceiling and drip water particles. Every lush cave includes springs and shallow lakes made of clay where dripleaf plants grow.

The main inspiration for the lush caves was the painting “Oskuldens Vandring” (Innocent’s Journey) by Swedish painter John Bauer.

2 – Easiest Way To Find a Lush Cave

You can spot where a lush cave can be found from the surface! An azalea tree will generate at the surface above a lush cave. Beneath the tree’s logs will be rooted dirt and hanging roots that generates all the way down to reach the lush cave.

So keep your eyes peeled for flowering azalea leaves on the surface when you’re roaming through a forest!


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