How To Increase Enchanted Book Levels in Minecraft

Combine all those enchanted books!
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Whether you feel like your tools could use improvement or you feel ready to take your Minecraft world to the next level, enchantments can create magical gameplay. Enchantments improve an item’s existing abilities or imbue them with new abilities and uses. When an item has been enchanted, it will glow, so you can differentiate them from your normal items.

One of the ways you can improve an item is through enchanted books. These are books that have enchantments already on them and can be added to items through an anvil. Usually you can find enchanted books in chests hidden around the world, such as desert temples, dungeons, and woodland mansions.

This guide will go through the steps to increase an enchanted book’s level, so you can reach the maximum enchantment quickly!

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First, you’ll need a few things before you can increase enchantment levels. Below is a list of blocks and tools you’ll need to gather:

  • Anvil
  • Duplicate enchanted books
  • Experience points

How many books do I need?

In order to increase the level, make sure the books have the same enchantment and enchantment level. Otherwise, you won’t be able to combine them.

Below is a chart on how book combinations work to help you calculate just how many books you’ll need:

Book Input and Output
Level 1 + Level 1 = Level 2
Level 2 + Level 2 = Level 3
Level 3 + Level 3 = Level 4
Level 4 + Level 4 = Level 5

How many experience points do I need?

Keep in mind that combining enchanted books cost experience points.

Below is a chart that shows an example of enchantment cost based on the output level for the Efficiency enchantment:

Level Output Enchantment Cost
Level 2 2
Level 3 4
Level 4 7
Level 5 12
enchanted books enchantment cost minecraft

After you’ve placed down the anvil, right click to bring up the anvil GUI. As you can see above, the Repair and Name menu is visible, and you can also see all the books in your inventory.

combine enchanted books in minecraft

Place a book in each of the first two slots. When you hover over the slot on the left, you’ll see that the output is a level higher version of the enchanted books inputted.

Once you click on the upgraded variation, your experience points are spent, and you can place the book in your inventory. You can now add the higher level enchanted book to your items through the anvil!

Britt Britt (157)
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You’ve done so much to acquire a full set of diamond (or even netherite) armor and tools. You’re feeling proud!