How To Install a Resource Pack on CurseForge

Level up your Minecraft world!
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While shaders make Minecraft look pleasing, resource packs are an additional way to change a theme or aesthetic of a Minecraft world. Because resource packs are separate than shaders, you don’t need to install any mods, which makes them so versatile and modded game friendly.

What is the difference between a resource pack and texture pack?

While many use both terms to mean the same thing, there is a fundamental difference between the two. A texture pack is used for 1.6.1 and earlier versions of the game 1.6.1, and they only changed the in-game textures. Resource packs were added in after 1.6.1, and allow players to change sounds, music, and particle effects. They also can modify blocks, items, and entity textures.

Let’s get into our guide on how to install resource packs with CurseForge!

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find resource pack folder curseforge

Before you can download and install a resource or texture pack, you’ll need to find where in CurseForge your game is!

  1. Open CurseForge and navigate to the modpack you’re using.
  2. Click the ... button to the left of the Play button.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click Open Folder.
  4. Locate the Resoucepacks folder. This is where you’ll install your resource pack!
resource pack folder curseforge

Usually, the file path looks like this: C:\Users\USER_NAME\Twitch\Minecraft\Instances\MODPACK_NAME.

storyblock revived resource pack curseforge

Many websites are available to download resource packs, but some are safer than most. We recommend CurseForge or Alternatively, you can download directly from a developer’s website as well!

Make sure it’s compatible with your Minecraft game version and then move on to the next step!

download resource pack curseforge

Download the correct game version of the resource pack you’ve chosen and place it within the Resourcepack folder found in step 1. Make sure you don’t unzip the downloaded file!

resource pack settings minecraft curseforge

Now it’s time to run Minecraft and turn on your resource pack!
Once the game has launched, follow these steps:

  1. Click Options then Resource Packs.
  2. Click the arrow button that appears over the resource pack’s icon to move it to the right Selected column, as shown in the image below.
    install resource pack in curseforge

  3. Click Done and a loading screen will appear and return you back to the Options menu when it's finished rendering.

Return to the main menu and you can start playing Minecraft with a brand-new theme! To learn how to install shaders, read our guide to installing shader packs in CurseForge!

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