How To Remove Enchantments in Minecraft

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Imagine this: you’ve spent hours strip mining and exploring to find enough diamonds to create a full set of diamond armor, plus tools. The blue mineral color just gleams in the sunlight! You return to your base, rush up to the enchanting table, only to get an awful enchantment on your chest plate. What now? Will you be stuck with Thorns forever?

Not if you read this guide on how to remove enchantments in Minecraft!

If you’re lost on how to add enchantments, be sure to read our guide on how to enchant items!

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grindstone recipe minecraft

In order to use a grindstone, you must craft one first! You’ll need two sticks, two plank blocks, and one stone slab. The recipe below will show the proper placement, but you can also find grindstones naturally generated at village weaponsmiths.

minecrat disenchant grindstone

The grindstone’s GUI displays two input slots on the left and one output slot on the right. To remove the enchantment, follow these steps:

  1. Place the enchanted item in one of the input slots (left).
  2. Click the disenchanted item in the output slot (right) and place it in your inventory.

Disenchanting will drop experience points that are equal to a specified range of points called modified enchantment levels. You can learn more on Minecraft’s Fandom website.

Can I remove curse enchantments?

Yes and no. A grindstone cannot remove Curse of Binding or Curse of Vanishing from an item. To do so, you need an item that’s identical in type and material. It doesn’t have to be enchanted to work. Place them both in the crafting table and the output item will no longer be cursed!

Combine all those enchanted books!
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Whether you feel like your tools could use improvement or you feel ready to take your Minecraft world to the next level, enchantments can create magical gameplay.