Top 10 Resource Packs for Minecraft 1.18

New landscapes deserve new graphics!
Britt Britt (157)

While shaders make Minecraft look pleasing, resource packs are an additional way to add specific aesthetics or themes to your gameplay.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in a medieval adventure, be able to see through clear glass, or have a dog shelter, resource packs make anything believable. We’ve already covered the best and favorite resource packs overall, but 1.18 has brought about new landscapes to look upon (or down if you’re on a tall mountain).

What is the difference between a resource pack and texture pack?

While many use both terms to mean the same thing, there is a fundamental difference between the two. A texture pack is used for 1.6.1 and earlier versions of the game, and they only changed the in-game textures. Resource packs were added in after 1.6.1, and allow players to change sounds, music, and particle effects. They also can modify blocks, items, and entity textures.

If you’re interested in learning how to add resource packs to Minecraft, read our guides on how to add them through the Minecraft Launcher or CurseForge.

Let’s get into the top ten resource packs for _Minecraft_1.18, Caves & Cliffs Part 2!

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motschen's better leaves 1.18

By Motschen

If you’d like the surrounding flora to feel just as realistic as the new terrain, try out Motschen’s Better Leaves! This resource pack adds 3D layers to leaf blocks to make them more bushy and natural. Plus, it's compatible with a multitude of mods!

stay true 1.18
Top is vanilla, Bottom is the resource pack.

By haimcyfly

The overall goal of Stay true is to have textures that are more realistic, but still align with vanilla blocks and their textures. It’s a nice addition to a Minecraft world without changing the entire atmosphere of the game.

better dogs 1.18

By mreblueyeti

How can Minecraft be better? By having more dog (aka wolf) variety! This resource pack adds 32 breed textures to the game. Plus, each breed has a variety set, so you can build up a whole army of corgis if you wanted to. There’s even three Nether breeds! You can use name tags to give a dog the breed you really want.

Misa's Realistic 1.18

By Misa_64

Inspired by old school RPGs, Misa’s Realistic has a semi-realistic vibe with a dash of medieval. Colors are darker and desaturated to reduce eyestrain, but it's meant to be faithful with vanilla Minecraft textures. It’s frequently updated by the developer and now has shader maps to improve the 3D modeling and textures of the pack itself!

clarity sctester 1.18

By SCtester

For the players that prefer an improved version of Minecraft that still holds true to its roots, then Clarity is the resource pack for them. Clarity is a balance of realism and simplicity, while still holding true to Minecraft’s traditional design. Textures are given more detail, but clear in its intent to stay simplistic, hence the name. It’s a low impact resource pack, so anyone can add it and run the game smoothly.

clear glass 1.18 minecraft

By Dnator

Who doesn’t love a clear view out their window? With such wonderful sights to see now, get rid of those pesky glass streaks with Clear Glass! This pack has connected textures for both regular and stained-glass.

the creatorpack 1.18

By creatorLabs

This pack achieves what we hadn’t expected. It adds a cartoon art style with unexpected depth to Minecraft. The CreatorPack is meant to revamp the appearance of Minecraft with smooth and detailed textures. They even have add-ons for better leaves and a grayscale GUI.

jicklus 1.18 minecraft

By Jicklus

Jicklus may have a silly name, but this resource pack does wonders to Minecraft’s appearance. It not only has beautifully simplistic design, but it also adds a rustic feel to the world.

mythic 1.18 minecraft

By FishyMintTextures

What makes this resource pack stand out is its detail while maintaining the pixel design of vanilla Minecraft. For anyone looking to take on adventures and explorations in the wide 1.18 world, check out Mythic!

xalis enhanced vanilla 1.18

By xalixilax

Perhaps the shining star on this list, [xali’s Enhanced Vanilla] pack almost turns Minecraft into another game. While aiming to stay true to default textures, it utilizes Optifine to make things look more natural. With better transitions, alternate textures, and different modeling, players can feel like they’re connected to the world rather than simply thrust upon it.

Add any theme to Minecraft!
Britt Britt (157)
6 minutes

While shaders make Minecraft look pleasing, resource packs are an additional way to change a theme or aesthetic of a Minecraft world.