How To Walk on Powder Snow in Minecraft

Freeze! Actually, don't because you'll die.
Britt Britt (157)

With the new snowy biomes and mountains came a very specific, and dangerous block. No, it’s not quicksand or ice spices. We’re talking about powder snow. Now, this isn’t a block you can craft, but it really is something unique.

Powder snow is a trap block that can be found in snowy slopes and groves biomes. Similar to cobwebs, entities that walk or fall through powder snow don’t take fall damage, but move much slower. Rather than causing suffocation damage, the powder snow block causes freeze damage. As a player falls deeper into this snowy pitfall, a frosty vignette will appear on the sides of the screen, and they’ll visibly shiver before eventually starting to take damage.

Perhaps the worst part of powder snow blocks is that they’re incredibly hard to spot when surrounded by snow blocks! So how can you ensure your safety and explore the new mountain peaks that 1.18 has to offer? That’s what this guide is going to answer.

Follow the steps below to be able to safely walk on powder snow!

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gather supplies

Before we begin, there are a couple items you need:

Crafting bench 4 pieces of leather Color dye (optional)

craft leather boots

On the crafting table, arrange the leather pieces as shown above. If you’d like to dye your boots, place the crafted leather boots and one piece of dye into the crafting grid.

walk on powder snow

Now you’re all set to safely walk through and on powder snow. In fact, any piece of leather armor will stop the freezing effect and damage. Horses that wear leather armor also are immune to freezing.

Float around the world!
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5 minutes

If you bring this potion along with a potion of fire resistance to fight the ender dragon, you’ll find yourself feeling invincible.