How to Dim PS4 DUALSHOCK Controller

It's lights dim for your PS4 DUALSHOCK controller.
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Any gamer who's stayed in front of their console late into the night completing one more side quest or one more mission knows how bright the DUALSHOCK Controller Light Bar can be. While the soft blue color of the Light Bar is pleasant, the brightness isn't, especially when you're trying to enjoy a dark room that's illuminated by the ambient glow of your controller.

Thankfully, Sony gave us the ability to adjust the brightness of the Light Bar, and I'm going to show you how to do that.

How to Dim PS4 DUALSHOCK Controller.

DualShock 4 Wireless ControllerDualShock 4 Wireless Controller ×1

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Settings menu

Once you're on your Home Screen, scroll up to the toolbar and scroll to the right until you reach Settings.

Enter your Settings.

Devices menu

Once in your Settings, scroll down until you find the option Devices.

Enter Devices and select Controllers.

Light Bar options

Under the Controllers menu, scroll down and select Brightness of DUALSHOCK 4 Light Bar.

From here, you will have three light options: Bright (Standard), Medium, and Dim.

As you can probably guess, Bright (Standard) is the factory setting for your DUALSHOCK and the brightest option. While you can't turn off the Light Bar altogether, Dim is the darkest option available, and it should be suitable for gaming in the dark.

If you need a little extra light, you can always make it brighter because you're now an expert at dimming your PS4 DUALSHOCK Controller! You can also check out our guide on how to extend the life of your PS4!

Happy gaming!

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