DIY Phone Armband for Running

The simplest guide to making an armband you're likely to find!
Michael Michael (175)
5 minutes

Who doesn't have an extra sock or two that's missing a pair - lost forever to the black hole in the dryer! Grab that extra sock and a pair of scissors, and you have yourself a DIY armband for running!

Seriously, you're going to be amazed about how easy this DIY Running Armband is to make and how comfortable it is to wear. You might even wonder why you doled out money for a fancy running armband!

ScissorsScissors ×1
Sock ×1

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Blue and Brown Sock with Scissors

Pretty much any trouser or knee-high sock will do. But why not go with one that has a little color!

I wouldn't recommend a wool sock, as it might feel scratchy. And make sure the sock hasn't lost so much of its elasticity that it won't stay on your upper arm while running.

Scissors Cutting Sock in Half

When you cut the sock in half, you're generally looking to have a top half that's about twice the length of your phone.

inside out DIY Running Armband

Take the top half of your sock (which is now your armband), and turn it inside out.

DIY Running Armband No Phone

I prefer to put the hemmed side on the top of my arm, but it doesn't matter which way.

Phone on DIY Running Armband

Place your phone on your arm and over your armband, so that it's about halfway up the band.

DIY Armband for Running

Bring up the bottom of the armband over the phone, so that it holds the phone snuggly. And that's it! You have the best darn DIY armband for running out there!

Now get running!

No basketball jerseys were hurt in the making of this guide! Okay, maybe one was.
Michael Michael (175)
10 minutes

I used a version of this no-sew running belt for years, and only begrudgingly upgraded when I was given one as a gift. (I also love my old DIY armband.