How to Change Your ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 Chime Battery

Stop the random chiming and install a new battery in minutes.
Zach Zach (248)
5 minutes

The battery in your ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 alarm system ensures that your system continues to work during a power outage. Unfortunately, when your ADT backup battery is low, it will continuously beep until replaced—sometimes in the middle of the night.

This guide will show you how to change your ADT chime or backup battery in about 5 minutes.

Screwdriver, Phillips ×1
12V 7A Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery12V 7A Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery ×1

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Enter your [CODE] and then press the TEST button.

Locating ADT security panel
Mine is in my loft.

Your alarm system's control panel is most often located in a garage, basement, or attic. Once located, open the control panel by removing the two screws.

Disconnecting old battery

Disconnect the two connectors from the old battery and remove it from the control panel.

Installing new ADT battery

You'll need to use this 12V 7A battery as a replacement.

Place the new battery in the control panel and connect it to the alarm system, being sure to connect the red positive (+) and black negative (-) connectors correctly.

When you're done, close the control panel.

To exit test mode, reenter your [CODE] and press the TEST button again.

You're all done!

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