How to Create an Emoji Alias on Slack

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I'm going to be honest, I'm writing this guide because I can never remember the name of my favorite emoji (🎉 aka "Party Popper") on Slack. It's called :tada: for some reason, but whenever I want to use it, I keep searching for :party: to no avail. So in this guide I'll show you how to create an emoji alias on Slack.

An alias is simply another name for something. So I'm going give :tada: an alias called :party:.

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Slack workspace menu

From your Slack desktop, click on the workspace name in the top left. Then click Customize Slack.

This will open a new tab in your web browser. So if you started on your Desktop application, you may need to sign in to Slack in your browser.

Add an alias to an emoji in Slack.

From the Emoji menu, click Add Alias, then Choose Emoji. This will allow you to add an alias for an existing emoji.

Choose the emoji you want to alias.

Click Choose Emoji and select the emoji you want to alias in the dropdown menu. For my case, I'm going to choose the 🎉emoji.

Enter an alias for you Slack emoji.

Under Enter an alias, type the short code you'd like to use. In my case, I'm entering :party:.

Using your new Slack emoji alias.

Click Save and you're ready to party! Now when you type :party: in Slack, it will show the :tada: emoji.

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