How to View a Full List of Existing Reminders in Slack

Find a list of all the reminders you've already set.
Zach Zach (236)
Total time: 2 minutes 

I use Slack reminders a lot. Reminders are a great way to remind yourself of common tasks without involving your calendar program.

Sometimes, it's useful to see a complete list of reminders you've already set. This short guide will show you how to view a full list of existing Slack reminders.


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Slack DM

Open Slack and navigate to any channel or direct message.

Slack reminder list

Enter the following command and press enter:

/remind list

The /remind list command will return a list of all current reminders as well as past and incomplete reminders.

Delete all Slack reminders

There are several other actions you can also perform from this view, including:

  • Snooze Slack reminders by 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day (to snooze them for a different time interval, simply delete the reminder and create a new one)
  • Delete individual Slack reminders
  • Mark Slack reminders as complete

I also recommend you click Delete all past reminders to remove old, obsolete ones.

Next, learn how to set up recurring Slack reminders to remind yourself to perform some task at a regular interval! I use this as a weekly reminder to check Howchoo's site traffic (and if I'm busy at the moment, I simply snooze the notification).