How to View a Full List of Existing Reminders in Slack

Find a list of all the reminders you've already set.
Zach Zach (249)
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I use Slack reminders a lot. Reminders are a great way to remind yourself of common tasks without involving your calendar program.

Sometimes, it's useful to see a complete list of reminders you've already set. This short guide will show you how to view a full list of existing Slack reminders.

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Slack DM

Open Slack and navigate to any channel or direct message.

Slack reminder list

Enter the following command and press enter:

/remind list

The /remind list command will return a list of all current reminders as well as past and incomplete reminders.

Delete all Slack reminders

There are several other actions you can also perform from this view, including:

  • Snooze Slack reminders by 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day (to snooze them for a different time interval, simply delete the reminder and create a new one)
  • Delete individual Slack reminders
  • Mark Slack reminders as complete

I also recommend you click Delete all past reminders to remove old, obsolete ones.

Next, learn how to set up recurring Slack reminders to remind yourself to perform some task at a regular interval! I use this as a weekly reminder to check Howchoo's site traffic (and if I'm busy at the moment, I simply snooze the notification).

Slack polls are great ways to find a consensus quickly.
Michael Michael (179)

We love using Slack as our remote work space at Howchoo. There are so many features and tools that can be integrated into Slack work spaces and items.