How to Update Your PC to Windows 11

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Microsoft has released Windows 11, and while it comes with some strange drawbacks, there are plenty of reasons to update your PC.

Updating your PC to the newest version of Windows is simple. We'll walk you through the process right here, while stopping along the way to point out where you can update your current version of Windows, if that's what you're looking to do instead.

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Windows 11 Update

Go to your settings and select 'Update & Security.'

Windows Update

Once on your Updates & Security page, you'll see several things.

First, you'll be able to check if your current version of Windows has any updates. If you're not looking to update to the newest version of Windows, and would rather just update your current version (if there's one available), you can do so right here. As you can see on the image above, my current version of Windows does not need an update.

If you're looking to update to a new version of Windows, check out step 3!

Windows Version Update

If you're looking to update your version of Windows to the newest version, you'll see an option to do so on the right side of your Updates & Security, as pictured above.

Please Note: Make sure your PC is compatible with the newest version of Windows. You should see a note that tells you if your PC is compatible, but ff you're still unsure, you'll see a link that says 'Check device specifications' that you can click on. Clicking this link takes you to a page where you can check if your PC is compatible with the newest version of Windows based on your PC's CPU. I highly recommend this step if you have any questions about your PC's compatibility.

If you're ready to move forward, click 'See if it's ready to install.'

Download and Install Windows Update

At this point you'll see a message telling you whether or not the new version of Windows is available for you to download and install. As you can see, my PC is ready!

Click download and install, and your PC will automatically begin the process of updating your Windows version. You'll still be able to do things on your PC while the process takes place, but you will be prompted to restart your PC once the new version of Windows has been downloaded and installed.

Once your PC is restarted, you'll have the new version of Windows on your PC!

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If you want to remote into a Windows 10 machine, you need to enable Remote Desktop. This allows you to grant specific users RDP access to the machine.