How to Unlock an AT&T Phone or Device

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With any carrier, you can unlock a phone. Each carrier has its own requirements. Your AT&T phone might work with a different carrier. Some devices can be unlocked to work with other cell phone service providers. There are a few things to check and a form to submit before you can try unlocking your device.

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Your AT&T phone needs to meet a specific list of requirements before it can be unlocked to use with another carrier. Some of the requirements include:

  • The device hasn't been reported as lost or stolen.
  • There are no unpaid fees on your AT&T account.
  • The device isn't active on a different AT&T account.

Review the full list of requirements before proceeding. If your device is compatible, you can request an unlock code directly from AT&T.

ATT unlock phone request

The unlock code can be requested using the device unlock form on the AT&T website. Visit the device unlock page. You should see a blank form.

Fill out the form and submit the request. When the unlock request has been processed, AT&T will send an email with confirmation.

It may take up to 2 business days before you receive a separate email with the unlock code.

If you run into trouble or have specific questions, be sure to reach out to AT&T. This phone unlock support article is a great place to start.

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