How to Connect Your AirPods Pro to Your MacBook

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Unlike connecting to an iPhone, connecting your AirPods Pro to your MacBook will not happen automatically. You'll have to take certain actions to connect the AirPods to the MacBook, so you can use the AirPods.

Having AirPods Pro connected to your MacBook can provide you with some of the best sound you'll get from Bluetooth earbuds. Check out our review of the AirPods Pro to see why we recommend them for things like watching movies on your Macbook or listening to groovy tunes.

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Open AirPods near Macbook

Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on your Macbook, and simply open up your AirPods Pro case near your Mac.

You should see a little symbol appear over your Bluetooth button in the menu bar. It looks like this:

Bluetooth active MacBook
Bluetooth connect AirPods Pro
  • Click the Bluetooth button in the menu bar.
  • Select the AirPods Pro, which will be called something like "Michael's AirPods Pro."
  • Select Connect.

Your AirPods Pro should now be connected to your MacBook. Remember that your AirPods will auto-connect to the last device with which you used them. So if you want to connect them again to say...your iPhone...then you'll need to manually do so from the iPhone.

If you're tired of having to manually connect on and off your AirPods and AirPods Pro, then we've got a great guide for you. Check out our guide showing you how to set up a simple keyboard shortcut to connect your AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Not as simple to do as one might imagine.
Michael Michael (175)

Like many things with Apple's top of the line earbuds, even simple things like learning how to charge the AirPods Pro can be tricky. For instance, can you simply use the case to charge them?