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How to back up your Raspberry Pi's SD card on Mac

  • by Zach (144)
  • 5 minutes

This short guide will show you how to clone your Raspberry Pi's SD card in MacOS and OS X.


Use whatever SD card adapter you have to connect your SD card to your computer.


Open Disk Utility

Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.


Create a new image from your SD card

Select your SD card in the sidebar. Then, select File > New Image > Image from 'boot', where boot is the name of your SD card.


Name your backup and select a backup location

You can keep the default settings in the Save window. I recommend selecting the compressed option to save space on your hard drive.

Select a backup location and give your image backup a name.


Don't forget to safely eject your card before removing it from your computer to prevent data corruption. You're all done!