How to Change Your Default Google Account

Changing your default Google account could save you major time in the long run!
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As we point out in our guide to connecting AirPods with a keyboard shortcut, you could save major time in the long run by removing the little time killers you do all the time. One of the major culprits is having to sign in and out of the various Google accounts you may have. This happens to me all the time when trying to switch between my personal account and my small team's Google Workspace.

What is a default Google account?

Let's say you have three Google accounts—maybe two personal accounts and one work account. Only one of these accounts can be the default Google account in any browser.

Every time you open a new window or tab and navigate to a Google service, Google will automatically sign you into your default Google account. And you'll find yourself having to selecting your profile picture each time and choosing a different Google account.

(If you're using Google Chrome profiles, then you can set these up to do this automatically and even delete certain Chrome profiles.)

Which account should by my default Google account?

Quite simply—your default Google account should be the account you use the most often everyday. This will prevent you from having to switch accounts each time you use a Google service.

Now, we're going to show you how to change your default Google account in any browser, no matter how many Google accounts you have.

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Arrow to Sign out of all accounts Google
  • Navigate to Google.
  • Click on your profile photo on the top right of the Google page.
  • Choose Sign out of all accounts in the pop-up window.
choose an account in Google

From the Google homepage:

  • Click Sign In in the top right of the page.
  • Choose the account you want to make the "default," and sign in to that account first.

Now, that profile will remain the default account in that particular web browser, until you repeat the above steps again.

Perform these steps in any other web browser in which you want to change the default Google account.

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Google Chrome power users likely make use of profiles to manage various browsing contexts. There are many advantages to doing so.