How to Make a Google Doc Landscape

Loosen the figurative belt on that Google Doc page.
Michael Michael (175)

By default, Google Docs pages are set to Portrait ratio (verticle), but you can easily change to Landscape ratio (horizontal) at any time. When you change ratios, your text will automatically adjust to the new ratio, and you might need to set new margins on your Google Doc.

As a bonus, we'll show a brand new Google Docs feature that allows you to turn portions of a page to landscape while keeping the rest in portrait mode.

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Page Setup Google Docs

To open the Page Setup screen:

  • Go to File.
  • Select Page setup.
Landscape mode Google Docs

To change your page orientation in Google Docs to "Landscape":

  • Select Landscape.
  • Click OK.

Optional: If you are using landscape mode most of the time, you can always Set as default, so you don't have to change it every time.

only some of a page to landscape Google Docs

You can vary portrait orientation and landscape orientation multiple times on each page of your Google Doc. To make a portion of a page landscape or portrait:

  • Highlight the portion of the page you want to change.
  • Right-click on the highlighted portion.
  • Choose Change page to landscape.

To stop the orientation at any point on a page, highlight where you want the orientation to change back, and follow the above steps, choosing Change page to portrait.

We can't make you an artist, but we can give you the tools!
Michael Michael (175)

Google Docs has a great built-in tool for you to add a quick drawing, image, or graphic to your document.