How to Make a Graph on Google Docs (Graph / Chart)

Two ways to insert a graph or chart in Google Docs!
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When you're writing a piece of content and want to demonstrate some facts or highlight data, then it makes sense to include a chart or graph right in your Google Doc. You actually never have to leave Google Docs to insert a graph. There are some great, simple options built right into Google Docs for creating a simple chart or graph.

Can I insert a graph or chart I made in Google Sheets to a Google Doc?

Yes! If you've already organized your data in Google Sheets, you can insert that data right into Google Docs for the creation of your graph and chart. We'll highlight this below.

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insert chart in Google Docs

Even if you haven't already added data in Google Sheets, you can still create the chart or graph first. This actually makes it easier to add the data to the chart, if you're unfamiliar with Sheets. To insert a chart in Google Docs:

  • Go to Insert.
  • Select Chart.

And choose which kind of chart/graph makes the most sense for your data set. (You can always switch the kind of chart later, so don't worry if you think you'll want to change the chart type in Google Docs.)

Insert a chart you've already made in Google Sheets

If you've already created a chart or graph in Google Sheets and want to insert it into your Google Doc, then select From Sheets when prompted to select a type of chart.

The rest of the guide will work to help you edit the chart you've inserted into Google Docs.

Chart in Google Sheets

As soon as you add the chart to a Google Doc, a new spreadsheet is created in Google Sheets to hold the data for the chart or graph. In order to customize the chart, you'll need to edit the data set in Google Sheets.

  • Open Google Sheets in a new tab or window.
  • Select the "Untitled" chart in Google Sheets.
edit chart data google sheets

Now, you'll go through and edit the chart data directly in Google Sheets. The chart will be visible below your data set and should update as you edit the data.

To edit the data:

  • Select and change the values and terms for each subset of data.
chart editor google sheets

Now, you'll want to edit the details of the chart or graph to make sure it looks just the way you want in Google Docs.

To open the chart editor:

  • Double-click on the chart or graph.

You should see the "Chart editor" on the right side of the screen.

Using Chart Editor in Google Sheets

With this editor, you can edit the charts':

  • color,
  • size,
  • lines,
  • and other small details.
chart example google docs

As long as you left the chart linked to the Google Sheets, it will update any time you make a change in Google Sheets. So you should see an updated chart or graph here.

You can make adjustments to the chart's size and placement within the document by dragging it or clicking it to open the image editor.

Make more room for a chart in a Google Doc

You can also change your Google Doc to landscape orientation or change the margins of the Google Doc to make more room for your new chart or graph.

You have some nice basic options for a border in Google Docs.
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Adding a border to a Google Doc will help focus a reader on the text in the center of the page. It's not immediately obvious, however, how to add a border to a Google Doc you're working on.