How to Disable the Mac Empty Trash Warning (macOS and OS X)

Zach Zach (236)
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Every time I go to empty my Mac's trash, I have to click yet another dialog box to confirm. I find this a tad annoying, but thankfully this is an option we can control.

Tired of clicking the "Empty Trash" button a second time whenever you empty your Mac trash can? This guide will show you how to disable that annoying confirmation message.

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Finder Preferences pane

Open Finder and navigate to Finder > Preferences.

Disable Mac trash empty warning

Uncheck the box for Show warning before emptying the Trash.

Then, close Finder. You're all done!

*Did you know? When you empty your Mac's trash, many of the files are preserved on your Mac. You can securely empty your trash on a Mac using our guide to get rid of the files completely.

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