How to Disable the Double Spacebar Auto Period in macOS

Holy . crap . this . is . annoying. Let's fix it.
Zach Zach (248)
1 minute

I thought I was going crazy because . kept showing up while I was typing in Sublime Text. I realized that my terrible MacBook keyboard wasn't [fully] to blame—it turns out there's a new(ish) feature in macOS that automatically adds a period when you double-tap the keyboard, carrying over functionality from iOS.

This guide will teach you how to prevent macOS from adding a dot, or period, when you press the space bar twice.


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macOS System Preferences

In the menu bar, Navigate to  Apple Icon > System Preferences.

macOS Keyboard Settings Text menu

Select the Keyboard menu item to access Keyboard Settings and then select the Text tab.

Changing macOS Keyboard Text Settings

Uncheck Add period with double-space. Then, close System Preferences.

You're all done!

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John John (304)
5 minutes

In this guide, we're going to use AppleScript and a tool called osascript to display macOS notifications.