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How to Set the Default View Options for All Finder Windows in macOS

If you’re using a Mac and you’ve found yourself in a place where every Finder window is

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How to disable Chrome tab sharing (Handoff) in MacOS

By default, macOS and OSX will offer to share your Chrome tabs between your Mac and iOS devices via

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What to do when you can’t drag a window to an external display in MacOS or OS X

When I turned my computer on this morning, it seems that the menu bar was blocking me from dragging

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How to Double-Click the Title Bar to Minimize an Application on Mac

Want to minimize an application by double-clicking its title bar? Here’s how to do it. 1 ̵

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How to Change Your Mac Computer’s Bluetooth Name

I have a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones that states the name of the device it’s connect

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How to Disable the Giant “Shake to Find” Cursor in MacOS

At this point, we could make a whole series here on Howchoo onĀ removing distractions like the Creat

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