How to Find the Current Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID)

A Raspberry Pi 3 Model A on a table
Finding your Pi's current network name is easy.
Zach Zach (233)
Total time: 1 minute 

This short guide will show you how to list the network name (SSID) for the active wireless (Wi-Fi) network your Raspberry Pi is connected to.

Here's everything you'll need to complete this guide:

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To figure out which network your Raspberry Pi is connected to, you'll need to access the command line. To do this, you can either SSH in from your main computer or connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to your Pi.

Run the following command to return the network name, or SSID, the Wi-Fi network that your Pi is connected to:


iwgetid is similar to the iwconfig utility you may have used before, except that its output is easier to parse.

If no network name is returned, you might need to set up your Raspberry Pi's wireless network once more. Next, learn how to forget a Wi-Fi network on your Rasberry Pi.