Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard and Mouse

Mmm.. More delicious official Raspberry Pi hardware.
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Good news, everyone!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation released its own official USB keyboard and mouse, adding to their collection of official accessories. This is especially exciting news for Pi fans who can't get enough of the Pi-branded hardware.

Let's dig into it!

Official Raspberry Pi keyboardOfficial Raspberry Pi keyboard ×1
Official Raspberry Pi mouseOfficial Raspberry Pi mouse ×1

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Official Raspberry Pi keyboard design

Both the keyboard and mouse follow the design aesthetic used by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for their official case, always a featured staple of each new Pi model release.

The official Raspberry Pi keyboard is available in Pi red and white or black and gray. The official Raspberry Pi mouse follows suit.

The design itself is a bit reminiscent of Apple, with a clean, minimalist scheme; the mouse even features a short cable, indicating that it's meant to plug directly into the keyboard to save desktop space, similar to older Apple keyboards.

Black Raspberry Pi keyboard
The black Raspberry Pi keyboard comes with a black USB-C cable rather than a red one.

The black and gray keyboard seems more black than gray.

Official Raspberry Pi keyboard UK key layout

The 79-key keyboard is currently available in six different language layouts:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. French
  6. Italian

The keyboard even features automatic keyboard language detection, which is neat! We all remember setting up a Pi for the first time and fumbling through the keyboard language menu so that we could input a symbol-laced Wi-Fi password.

Raspberry Pi keyboard teardown
The Raspberry Pi keyboard's internals: circuit board, ribbon cables, and keyboard membrane.

We took the keyboard apart -- here you can see the keyboard PCB/circuitry, keyboard ribbon cable, grounding strip, and the extra space for modding ;)

Official Raspberry Pi keyboard rear ports

The keyboard has three full-sized USB 2.0 ports built into its rear, as well as a Micro USB port for powering these ports. A removable matching Micro USB cable (included) is connected between this port and the Pi to provide data and power connectivity to the USB ports.

Of course, this is also where the USB mouse is connected.

Official Raspberry Pi mouse

The wired USB optical mouse is pretty standard; it features a scroll wheel and 3 buttons (left, right, and wheel click). The cord is very short as it is meant to plug directly into the keyboard.

If you're looking to buy the official Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse, you can pick up the keyboard (£22.00 GBP), mouse (£ 7.30), or a bundle containing both (£22.00 GBP) over at The Pi Hut.

Raspberry Pi 400

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently announced the release of the Raspberry Pi 400, an upgraded version of the classic Pi keyboard we describe above. This official version of our own DIY Raspberry 4 keyboard is an all-in-one desktop Raspberry Pi 4 computer built into a keyboard. Pretty cool!

Read more about in our official news announcement of the Raspberry Pi 400.

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