The Best Raspberry Pi Cases (2022)

These are the best cases you can find for the Raspberry Pi.
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Choosing a case for the Raspberry Pi is more fun than ever. The selection of hardware has exploded since the first Pi was released in 2012.

Today we're looking at the best of the best! You'll find a mix of everything here—from cases made for everyday use to highly specialized designs.

Official Raspberry Pi caseOfficial Raspberry Pi case ×1
Retroflag GPi CASERetroflag GPi CASE ×1
Miuzei Raspberry Pi caseMiuzei Raspberry Pi case ×1
RetroFlag NESPi caseRetroFlag NESPi case ×1
RetroFlag SUPERPi caseRetroFlag SUPERPi case ×1
Raspberry Pi 3 Flirc caseRaspberry Pi 3 Flirc case ×1
Zebra Zero caseZebra Zero case ×1

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Official Raspberry Pi case

This case is a Raspberry Pi staple. It's the official Raspberry Pi 3 case released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The case is designed to house the Pi and provide complete access to each port. It fits the Raspberry Pi 2, 3B, and 3B+. It's perfect for tabletop projects and general use.

This is easily one of the best choices for the Raspberry Pi 3. Sometimes there's nothing like matching hardware to make a project complete.


Tabletop projects are fun and all, but there's nothing like a good handheld experience. The RetroFlag GPi CASE is up to the task. This case is made to support the Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W. It's designed to look like an old school Game Boy, but it does have a few extra buttons and features to better integrate the Pi.

If you want a Raspberry Pi Game Boy case, this is the only one on the market that you don’t need to completely solder and build yourself. The GPi CASE was released in June of 2019. Check out our GPi Case review for a complete breakdown.

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Miuzei Raspberry Pi case

One of the most practical options you’ll find today is this case by Miuzei. If you're looking for a Raspberry Pi 3 case with fan support and a sleek design, this is your case.

Raspberry Pis are known to get warm under stress. It's worth the effort of finding a heat sink and fan to cool the board. The Miuzei case is one of the most affordable options to come with critical, high-performance features.

NESPi case

If you're building a retro gaming rig, you need a retro gaming case! NESPi is the best Raspberry Pi NES case. RetroFlag designed this miniature NES case to house the Raspberry Pi while still allowing access to important ports. Unlike other similar cases, this one comes with a separate expansion board that reroutes the USB ports, putting them on the front of the case.

The team also included a working set of power/reset buttons to the front of the case, but you will need to set up a script for the buttons to work properly.

SUPERPi case

For that super-nostalgia effect, you'll need a super Pi case! Wait'll need a SuperPi case! RetroFlag is at it again, this time with an incredible case that looks just like a miniature Super Nintendo. This case also includes an expansion board that reroutes the USB ports to the front of the case.

The case is designed to house a full-sized Raspberry Pi. Features include safe shutdown and reset buttons, a power-status LED, front-facing USB ports, and plenty of space to add a cooling fan.

Flirc case

When it comes to heat efficiency, the Flirc case is top-notch. This entire case is designed with cooling in mind. It's constructed with a sleek aluminum finish. It fits the Raspberry Pi 2, 3B and 3B+ models.

Cooling features:

  • Built-in heat sink
  • Ventilation panel
  • Copper thermal pad

This case is a great choice for intense projects and anything expected to heat the Pi.

Zebra Zero heat sink case

If you're looking to keep your Pi Zero cool, take a look at this Zebra Zero heat sink case. It's designed to fit the Pi Zero perfectly and minimize excessive heat. The case also comes with a heat sink intended specifically for the Pi Zero CPU.

It's an excellent case for general use and provides complete access to all of the ports on the Pi Zero, except for the GPIO pins. Also, we can't help but appreciate the clean design. The case features clear panels that showcase the board inside. All-in-all, this case looks great and improves performance.

Nucleus Pi Zero case

Not every desk needs a flashy device. Sometimes you need something a little more natural. That's where the Nucleus Raspberry Pi Zero case comes in! This case fits the Pi Zero like a glove. Apart from the GPIO pins, it provides access to every port.

The outer shell is constructed entirely of wood. It's held together with four screws and even has a few air holes for proper ventilation. This case is beyond unique—it's practical and looks really cool.

3D printed pi case

3D-printed Raspberry Pi case

This 3D-printable Raspberry Pi case, created by mkellsy, is one of the most versatile Pi cases I've found so far. You can choose from four separate panels, each designed for a specific function. Install a fan, improve ventilation, or just keep things minimal with a smooth plane. Each top panel also provides perforation to expose the GPIO pins.

It only takes 4 screws and a bit of filament to create this sleek Raspberry Pi case. You can find the Pi case on Thingiverse. This is one of many cool 3D-printed Pi cases we've found so far—be sure to check out our complete list of 3D-printable Raspberry Pi cases.

Pi Cart Raspberry Pi NES cartridge case

Pi Cart: DIY Raspberry Pi NES cartridge case

If you like retro gaming, why not repurpose retro hardware? This DIY Pi case uses an NES cartridge to house the Raspberry Pi Zero. It was created by our very own Zach—so be sure to check out the full guide on how to make your own Pi Cart NES Pi case!

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