The New Raspberry Pi 400: The Keyboard With a Pi Inside

New official Raspberry Pi hardware!
Ash Ash (362)

Earlier today, Eben Upton (founder and CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd) updated the official Raspberry Pi blog to announce the new Raspberry Pi 400. This new device is an all-in-one keyboard complete with a new Raspberry Pi 4 module inside.

Raspberry Pi 400 - Full KitRaspberry Pi 400 - Full Kit ×1
Raspberry Pi 400 (computer only)Raspberry Pi 400 (computer only) ×1

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Inside, you'll find a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 with a faster CPU than what's currently available. The Pi is integrated with the keyboard (which looks almost identical to the official Raspberry Pi keyboard by means of a custom PCB, placing ports at the edge of the keyboard.

You can grab the new Raspberry Pi 400 Pi model for just $70. The Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard kit is priced at $100.

The Raspberry Pi 400 kit includes:

  • One Raspberry Pi 400 Computer
  • One Official Raspberry Pi Mouse
  • One USB-C Power Supply
  • One SD Card with Raspberry Pi OS
  • One Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
  • The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide

Check out our full Raspberry Pi 400 unboxing, review, and teardown video and the Raspberry Pi blog to learn more.

You may also be interested in our DIY version. Our Raspberry Pi 4 keyboard project puts a Pi 4 inside the official keyboard with a battery pack for portability.

A throwback form factor and price.
Zach Zach (248)

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ features a slimmer form factor, lower price tag, and a nod towards the future of the SBC (single-board computer).