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8 Unique Ways To Hide Your Router & Modem Without Blocking The Signals

Hide your router and modem without blocking signals with these 8 creative ways.
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September 28, 2023
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It is no secret that WiFi routers have hardly appealing designs. As much as you appreciate your WiFi connectivity, thanks to your router, it does not mean that you want it to sit on your beautiful furniture, standing out in stark contrast to your other aesthetically-pleasing decorative ornaments.

If you are looking for ideas to hide your router without blocking its signal, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we will tell you what you need to consider when choosing the best hiding spot and give you some ideas on how you can keep your router out of sight.

1 – How to Hide Router Without Blocking Signal

Before you simply tuck your router away, you need to understand that your WiFi signal can be affected if you approach this incorrectly. There are several things to consider when you are thinking of hiding a router or modem without blocking its signal.

Let Heat Escape


Before hiding your router in a specific location, you need to consider the heat that the router will emit and the surroundings in which you intend to place it.

Remember that a router is an electronic device, and electronic devices do produce heat. Furthermore, electronics do not work well when they are overheated. This is why you need to ensure that the heat is able to dissipate.

If you are considering where to hide your router, it needs to be in a place with good ventilation to allow the heat to escape. This is why most people prefer to place them in boxes or baskets with holes to allow ventilation.

If your router feels extremely warm or you smell plastic burning, be sure to check your router, as those are possible signs of your router overheating. Also, check your router often for dust, as any dirt or dust clogging its vents can also cause overheating.

Don’t obstruct WiFi Signal and Strength


To prevent any disruption to your work or WiFi usage, you need a strong WiFi signal and strength to connect seamlessly to your devices. Do not hide your router somewhere where the signal strength will be too low or where you will be losing your WiFi signal.

Instead, try hiding your router in something made of lightweight material. Avoid placing your router in metal or dense materials, which might interfere with your WiFi signal.

Ensure Correct Wiring


Ensure that your wiring is set up correctly and with the right power cable. If you are hiding your router in a container, it should not be completely sealed. Find a neat way of connecting it and ensuring that the cords can get through the container your router will be hidden in.

Avoid Hiding It Inside or Behind Metallic Objects


There are various objects where you can conceal a router, but as mentioned, the type of materials matters.

A metallic object is the last thing you want to use to hide your router. Metal is a common material, but it can be quite problematic. Concealing your router in a metallic container or mesh basket can affect your WiFi strength and coverage.

This also includes all containers or items with some kind of metal mesh-like metal boxes, metal bookshelves, or behind a metal decoration such as a tin sign or such. For example, avoid placing your router on the wall behind your TV since most TVs have a large metal shield inside.

Avoid Putting It in Thick-Walled Boxes/Containers or Behind Heavy Books


WiFi routers transmit signals in the form of waves and energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. By hiding your router inside something too thick, such as a heavy decorative box, you are interfering with the signal.

Heavy books also block the signal transmission, acting as radio-wave absorbing barriers that affect the signal. Therefore, it is not advised to hide your router on a bookshelf behind heavy books. You should always try to place your router in an open-air space where nothing is blocking it on all sides.

Leave the Antennas Projecting Out


Ensure that the container you hide your router in can be left open on the upper side and that you can leave the router antennas sticking out. A router with actual external antennas has to be positioned in a vertical position where the antenna can project out of the container.

Use Thin-Walled Containers or Coverings


A container that is not metallic and has thin walls will be able to conceal your router. You can also cover the container with a light cloth that would hide the router but still allow signal transmission due to the light material that permits WiFi signal transmission.

If you have to hide the router in a basket, use a basket with an open top and side walls with openings or materials that do not block the WiFi radio waves. This can either be a thin and transparent piece of cloth or woven grass material.

A woven grass basket is an excellent option since its sides enhance ventilation, allowing signal transmission while preventing the router from overheating at the same time.

In short, when you are looking for a container to hide your router, the material has to be non-metallic and as thin as possible.

Avoid Covering Router Body or Vents


You may assume that because your router does not feel hot, it is not overheating. However, it is still not a good idea to cover the vents.

Even if your router has a small fan, you still need to leave an opening for the vents. Leaving your router at risk of overheating can cause your WiFi signal to be unstable.

2 – Ideas to Hide Router Without Blocking Signal

In a Mesh Basket

A mesh basket provides a great way of hiding your router. Most people already use mesh baskets to hide items like shoes, clothes, dog toys, children’s toys, mail, etc.

Simply hide your router inside one of these mesh baskets and buy a mesh basket made of grass that allows your router to be well-ventilated. It will also make your router work smoothly since your signal will not be significantly reduced due to opaque materials.

Style your basket with a few other items on your kitchen counter or hallway table, and no one will know you have hidden your router inside.

Screw the Router Onto the Tv Cabinet

Routers often come with screw slots that you can drill onto a wooden surface. You can screw the router onto the back of your TV cabinet, where it will not be seen.

Apart from the router, other electronics can also be screwed to the back of the TV stand. However, if you do not want your TV cabinet to be damaged with screws, this might not be the best option for you.

Behind a Frame

Once you have set up your cables, you can place the router behind a picture frame on one of your tables or shelf. A picture frame or piece of art can easily cover up the router without anybody noticing. You can also attach a box to the back of the picture or art frame.

Among Books on Your Bookshelf

While you should not place your router behind heavy books, you can always place your router among all your books and try to make it blend in.

People often decorate their bookshelves with decorative ornaments and photo frames, so place your router among the items laid out on your bookshelf, and it might not stand out very much. Talk about hiding in plain sight!

Under Other Furniture

A good hiding spot where nobody bothers to take a peek is underneath your furniture. Use velcro straps or cable ties to attach your router underneath your furniture.

This might not work with all furniture but if you manage to find an ideal spot, remember to ensure that your router still gets a lot of air ventilation and access to power outlets.

In a Cane Cabinet

Cane cabinets are ideal, thanks to all their small holes, which allow for good air ventilation. Your router’s WiFi signal will not be blocked too. Simple place your router inside your cane cabinet, tuck away its cords neatly, or you can even try drilling into the back of the cabinet to let the cords pass through neatly.

On the Floor

You might not have thought about this, but strategically hiding your router on the floor can work too. Instead of leaving it on the floor in the open, use a tall basket to conceal your router. Or hide it on the floor behind a small couch or magazine rack.

3 – Conclusion

There are many ways to hide your router while ensuring it can still do its job well. We have given you a list of ideas here, so give them a try, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your router without having it affect your decor.


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