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How to Add Friends Using Codes on Messenger Kids

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September 12, 2023
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Facebook’s Messenger Kids is a free app that allows children to make video calls and send messages on smartphones and tablets, but with more control than just giving your child access to a phone. With Messenger Kids, parents can control their child’s online experience through a variety of functions that allow them to have a safe and secure online experience.

There are multiple ways to add new contacts for your child to interact with, but one way is by using the codes feature.

By turning on the codes feature, your child will receive a four-word code that they can share with their friends. Their friends can then use this code to request to be added to your child’s contact list in Messenger Kids. This guide will show you how to generate your code, and how to use a friend’s code to send them a request.

1 – How to Generate a Code in Messenger Kids

  1. In the Messenger Kids app, click on your child’s profile picture.
  2. Underneath their name you’ll see a code.
  3. Click on the code to copy it.

2 – How to Use a Code to Add a Friend

  1. In the Messenger Kids app, scroll down and click ‘Add a Friend.’
  2. Type or paste your friend’s code into the box.
  3. Click ‘Ask to Chat.’

How to Change the Windows 11 Start Menu and Button

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December 13, 2023

As with every update, Microsoft has changed Windows 11 to look different than its predecessors, and while the update looks modern and clean there are some interesting changes. Arguably the most jarring of all the changes is the one made to the Windows 11 Start Menu, which looks completely different. Instead of a clean, easy-to-navigate

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