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What Minecraft lacks in graphical quality, it certainly makes up for in replayability and gameplay. However, for some players, graphics are what help immerse them into a game.

The longer you play Minecraft, the more you realize that early-game tools just won’t cut it. Exploring the enchantment feature of Minecraft can be exciting, but also intimidating.

Sometimes you want to share your Minecraft builds or moments with others, while other times you want to access screenshots of coordinates to the point of interest you promised you’d return to.

Bricks are a staple block in Minecraft for building. Whether it’s the main feature or an accent block, they’re quite attainable to make even in the early stages of survival worlds.

As of 1.19, the allay is a passive flying mob in Minecraft. They are incredibly useful mobs for any redstone lover or explorer. Their main function is to find items and bring them back to a player!