How To Brew a Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft

See everything. Always.
Britt Britt (157)
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With bigger caves, comes more darkness. With more darkness, comes more mobs which you won’t be able to see until they’re already hurting you. Bring along a potion of night vision to help see, regardless if you’re in a giant ravine or a smaller cave tunnel! This potion makes everything appear to be at max light level, even underwater!

Here’s an easy guide to brewing a potion of night vision in Minecraft!

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glass bottle

In order to begin brewing, use 3 glass blocks in a crafting table to make 3 glass bottles!

glass bottle

Take your freshly made glass bottles, go up to a water source and right click. You’ve now created a water bottle.

blaze spawner

This is the most tedious part of brewing. In order to begin the actual brewing process, you’ll need to collect blaze powder to fuel a brewing stand. You can craft a blaze powder from blaze rods, which are dropped by (you guessed it) blazes!

blaze powder recipe

Simply put the blaze rod anywhere on the crafting table to create 2 blaze powders.

nether wart

Basic potions require a potion modifier. In this case, we need to gather nether wart. So while you’re looking for blazes, be sure to also grab some soul sand and nether wart from the nether fortress!

awkward potion

The base potion for every standard potion is an awkward potion. Place 3 water bottles, blaze powder, and nether wart into the brewing stand’s GUI as shown above.

potion of night vision

This potion requires an easy to gather effect ingredient: golden carrot! These are created by surrounding golden nuggets around a carrot in the crafting table. Leaving everything how it was from the last step, simply place the golden carrot in the top empty space.

golden carrot recipe

After brewing is complete, you’ve created a standard potion of night vision. This potion makes everything appear to be at the maximum light level, including underwater areas, for 3 minutes.

Keep reading to learn how to extend the potion!

redstone extend potion

You can also extend a potion of night vision by placing a redstone dust in the base ingredient slot. Extending a potion means that the effect will last longer.

The potion will now last for 8 minutes!