How to Brew a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

Let them linger!
Britt Britt (157)
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Minecraft is filled with mysterious tools and enchantments, but the most magical thing in the game? Potions! Whether you’re preparing for war or adventure, potions in Minecraft are definite ways to booster your health and defense.

There are potions for just about everything you could need in the game. However, sometimes the standard effect duration or radius of a splash potion aren’t enough! That’s where lingering potions come in!

A lingering potion is a variant of splash potions that can be thrown to leave clouds of status effects to linger on the ground. Over the course of 30 seconds, you could be safe from endermen or from a fellow player.

Let’s dive into a quick tutorial on how to brew a lingering potion!

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ender dragons breath

Okay, so you don’t necessarily have to fight the dragon, but if you’re already there, why not? Also, if you’re the first to enter The End, you probably have no choice. Regardless if you engage in battle or not, the ender dragon’s breath is what you need to capture.

To do that, you’ll need as many empty bottles as you want before you head into the end. As her dragon fireballs rain down on you and linger on the ground, right click with an empty bottle, and you’ll have acquired dragon’s breath.

Once you’re ready, move on to the next step!

brew splash potion

Since lingering potions are a variant of splash potions, it’s no surprise that you’ll need it. You’ll need a piece of gunpowder per brewing session. You can read our [step-by-step guide to brewing a splash potion]!

brew lingering potion

You finally have all the pieces to brewing a lingering potion! Place the dragon’s breath in the top ingredient slot and the splash potion(s) in the bottom slots. The output potions will now be lingering!

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